New Orleans Political Economy Roundtable (NOPE)


Greaux! hosts a regular read-ahead roundtable where local and visiting scholars workshop manuscripts in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. If you're passing through New Orleans, and would like an opportunity to present your work, contact J.P. Messina ( See our past guests and upcoming schedule below.

Upcoming Meetings


3/11/20 --  4:30 PM -- Michael Moehler (Virginia Tech University) -- "The Practical Phenomenon of Moral Diversity and Integrated Moral Agency"

4/8/20    --  4 PM -- John Levendis (Loyola University, Economics) -- "The Wage Gap"


4/16/20 --  4 PM -- Luke Hunt (Radford University, Criminal Justice) -- "Data, Prediction, and Value in Policing"

5/6/20   --  4 PM -- Jake Monaghan (University of New Orleans, Philosophy) -- "Boundary Policing"


Past Meetings

2/18/20           Chad van Schoelandt (Tulane University, Philosophy) -- "Hayek and Community in the Open Society"

2/6/20             Linda Radzik (Texas A&M, Philosophy) -- "Practicing Social Punishment"

1/28/2020       Olivia Bailey (Tulane University, Philosophy) -- "Empathy for the Vicious: A puzzle"

11/07/2019     Eric Winsberg -- University of South Florida ("A Modest Defense of Geo-Engineering Research")

10/21/2019     Danny Shahar -- UNO -- ("Harm, Responsibility, and the Far-Off Impacts of Climate Change")