Greaux! hosts events on topics related to entrepreneurship, ethics, public policy, and the law to encourage campus and community discourse on ideas of practical and contemporary significance. In addition to our yearly keynote events, we host monthly faculty seminars on topics in political economy, weekend seminars for students in the New Orleans area, professional conferences, and reading groups for students, faculty, and community members. A list of past keynotes has been provided below. To receive information about upcoming events, including seminars, conferences, and reading groups, please join our mailing list.

Past Keynote Events


"Confronting Mass Incarceration"

James Forman Jr., Professor of Law, Yale University

2018 Pulitzer Prize Winner


"The Future of Political Discourse in the United States"

Melissa Harris-Perry, Professor of Political Science, Wake Forest University


Rod Dreher, Author of NY Times Best-Selling The Benedict Option


"A Pivotal Time in the Supreme Court"

Erwin Chemerinsky

Jesse H. Choper Distinguished Professor of Law and Dean

UC Berkeley School of Law


"Faith, Hillbillies, and American Politics"

JD Vance

Author of the NY Times Best-Selling Hillbilly Elegy


"Our Republican Constitution"

Randy Barnett

Carmack Waterhouse Professor of Legal Theory

Georgetown University Law Center


"Family Values in the Age of Autonomy"

David D. Meyer

Mitchell Franklin Professor of Law and Dean of the Law School

Tulane University


"Federalism: The New Nationalism?"

Heather Gerken

Sol & Lillian Goldman Professor of Law and Dean of the Law School

Yale University


"Religious Liberty and the Human Good"

Robert P. George

McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence

Princeton University


"Slavery and the Rule of Law in Colonial Virginia"

David B. Lyons

Professor of Philosophy and Professor of Law

Boston University

The Urban Entrepreneurship and Policy Institute
The University of New Orleans
100 Milneburg Hall 
New Orleans, Louisiana  70148